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School Session starts August 16th-May 26th 2022  

6 Week summer session starts June 6th-July 21st

School session for 2022-2023 will start August 15th

Class space is limited. 


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Tumbling Classes

Tumbling Classes

 Tumbling classes available for all ages and skill levels!

Check out our link below to see our Tumbling Classes!

 3/4 years Tiny Tumblers,

Fundamental:  is for Beginners,

Bronze:   is a level up from beginners,

Silver:   is for tumblers who have a backbend kick over and working on back handspring,

Gold:   is for tumblers who have a BHS and are working on a series of BHS and a tuck,

Platinum:   is for tumblers that have mastered a series of BHS, tucks and are working on layouts and fulls.

Tumbling Classes  




Power Tumbling Team

If you enjoy competing with a team, Power Tumbling Team is for you. Many options available. Power Tumbling competition season begins in Oct.-July We compete with USTA and AAU. Most competition are in Oklahoma, we do travel for Nationals and Allstar trials. Must have a coaches approval to join Power Tumbling.

Athletes competed on rod floor, trampoline, single mini trampoline, and double mini trampoline.

View our Power Tumbling Team options using the link below. 

Power Tumbling Team 



Ninja class and camps the curriculum and goals for the classes
truly are for EVERYONE. The four-year-old boy learning to
walk on a beam and the nine-year-old girl learning to flip off the
wall are both going to be challenged and excited every day.
What’s more than that, KrisCross Ninja is dedicated to the
creative spirit of children. In every class, kids work on simple
puzzles and problem solving amidst their physical activities. By
mixing these little “brain games” into their workouts, kids
associate using their whole bodies to work through challenges
and develop an ability to truly focus.
Finally, we celebrate Little Victories and Little Failures. It is so
important that kids understand, at a young age, that making
mistakes or missing a step is part of learning! By
acknowledging setbacks in a positive environment and working
through it with them we literally teach Resilience and Grit.

AllStar Cheer

Our All-Star cheer program offers teams for all levels of abilities in
tumbling and cheer. We offer a beginner teams for those wanting to compete
locally, but with a lesser time commitment and travel expectations. Our All Star Elite levels 1-4, will travel
locally, regionally, and nationally for their competitions. 

Cost to try out is $20. Sign up at KrisCrossgym.com



Backbend Kickover

Back Walkover

Front Walkover

Connected Skills


Standing Back Handspring

Back Walkover Back Handspring

2-step Roundoff Back Handspring

Roundoff 3 Back Handspring

Connected Skills


Standing 3 Back Handspring

Jumps 2 Back Handspring

Punch Front

2-step Roundoff Back Handspring Tuck

Roundoff 3 Back Handspring Tuck

Connected Skills to Tuck


Standing Back Tuck

Jumps Back Handspring Tuck

Standing 2 Back Handspring Layout

Standing Whip Pass

Running Whip Pass

2-step Roundoff Back Handspring Layout

Connected Skills to Layout



We put together
routines with tumbling, stunts, jumps, and dance set to music to perform
at competitions and in-house exhibitions. Our coaches are
knowledgable in all aspects of cheer, as well as being CPR certified. 
 We believe there is a Champion in every
athlete, at every level! Join our family of champions!

To be considered for a team contact Mrs. Kris at 580-647-3523 for a private tryout.

  • We offer AllStar cheer for Novice to Elite. Cheer runs from June 6th -May 20th, 2022-2023. You can do a private tryout and be placed on a team. If you would like a private tryout please contact. Kris at 580-647-3523.

Gym Closure Dates: For 2022-2023

 March 14th-18th, 2022

May 30th-June 3rd, 2022

July 4th-8th, 2022

 Sept. 5th, 2022

October 10th-14th

October 31st, 2022

Nov. 21st-Nov 25th 2022

Dec. 26th-Jan. 1st 2023

Feb. 20th 2023

March 13th-17th 2023

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My daughter has been attending gymnastics here for the past year and loves it! She's mastered new skills and continues to make progress each week.
We recently had her birthday party here, all the kids ages 4-11 had a great time! Thank you, Kris, for bringing this wonderful facility to Elgin! -Lindsay Glover Owens
KrisCross Gym is amazing! There are so many things that I love about this gym! Their coach to student ratio is perfect. They have many options to offer from cheer and tumbling to dance. Kris and the coaches have built a connection and relationship with both my girls. The coaches are dedicated and they push my daughters to reach their goals and they believe in them. They give their all to not just my kids, but to all the kids at the gym. KrisCross Gym is the reason my husband extended here at Fort Sill. It is like our second home since we are there all the time and we are always treated so well. I am very thankful for all the new skills my girls have learned and it is because of this gym. This is the place to be if you want your child to learn and grow.-Amanda Lee