Private lessons are one on one lesson and the coach will work at your child's skill level. These are in the evenings or at a time that classes are not going on. Scheduled at times that work best for you and the coach. You must pay for privates upfront, and can only sign up for 4 per month.

One hour session is $35.

You must sign a Release and Liability form before your 1st start classes.

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We are honored you have chosen our program to be a part of your child's life, and we take it seriously. KrisCross coaches are dedicated to building a lifetime of self-esteem, confidence, and integrity in all our athletes. We promote and encourage an atmosphere of dedication, development, competition, and sportsmanship.  We strive for each athlete to excel and have a positive and rewarding experience from his/her years as part of our KrisCross Family. Our USASF, USTA and CPR certified coaches, hope to combine their experience as college cheerleaders and gymnast with their love of coaching to bring out the champion in your athlete!