3 year old Tumbling

In this class children will find beams, bars, and mats all designed to fit
their smaller bodies and hands. Group activities are also included in our
curriculum that involves partners to provide students with an awareness
of others, allowing them to learn to share and take turns. Our objective
is to have your child participate and behave in a controlled atmosphere
that allows them to learn how to follow directions, wait their turn, and
pay attention all while learning. This class will push your child to
continue to grow socially and physically. The emphasis of this class will
be to learn more advanced skills on preschool-sized equipment, such
as the bars, beam, floor, and trampoline. Cardio, balance, and strength
work will be introduced using variety of equipment. Skills taught in this
class include forward rolls, backward rolls, body positions, donkey kicks,
cartwheels, various swings on bars, tables/bridge-ups, and more.
Students must be potty trained.

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My daughter has been attending gymnastics here for the past year and loves it! She's mastered new skills and continues to make progress each week.
We recently had her birthday party here, all the kids ages 4-11 had a great time! Thank you, Kris, for bringing this wonderful facility to Elgin! -Lindsay Glover Owens
KrisCross Gym is amazing! There are so many things that I love about this gym! Their coach to student ratio is perfect. They have many options to offer from cheer and tumbling to dance. Kris and the coaches have built a connection and relationship with both my girls. The coaches are dedicated and they push my daughters to reach their goals and they believe in them. They give their all to not just my kids, but to all the kids at the gym. KrisCross Gym is the reason my husband extended here at Fort Sill. It is like our second home since we are there all the time and we are always treated so well. I am very thankful for all the new skills my girls have learned and it is because of this gym. This is the place to be if you want your child to learn and grow.-Amanda Lee